Sunday, January 29, 2017

Aliens Change Me

Aliens Change Me by DerkyShane

Hey guys, I know, I know, I've been really slacking on writing. New stories are coming, I promise! Anyway, in the mean time there is a fantastic new story out there that I wanted to tell you guys about. It's titled "Aliens Change Me" and it's written by DerkyShane.

Awhile ago, he contacted me and asked if he could write a story inspired by "Rebecca's (Dee Dee's) Story". I was flattered and told him, "Sure! Go ahead", and "Aliens Change Me" was born. It's a fantastic story set in a Planet of the Giants type of world. You'll even see a cameo from Dr. Allison ;)

Any way, I wanted to bring the story to your attention. Check out the link. You'll need to hit the "Download" button to read it. Just a heads up, the ending is a bit dark, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hope you enjoy it! I think he did an awesome job! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Judge Sentenced


Hey everybody, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an awesome night and you're nursing your hangovers quickly! So ScotishJoker1 had contacted me about writing a TF story for him and I figured, why not? He posted the story on his page with a couple of images, which is here:

Below is the story I sent him. Enjoy and make it a great year! :)

"Hey Honey, sorry I'm late. The Zumba class got started late and then I got stuck in traffic coming home", Tiffany told her girlfriend, Sara, quickly as she walked through the door. "It's no big deal, just make sure to text next time. I called, but you didn't pick up", Sara told her sweetly. " phone was on silent from Zumba. I didn't hear it", Tiffany lied.

"I love your little Zumba outfit. You're so cute! It really emphasizes that cute behind of yours", Sara came in, kissed her seductively and pinched her behind. "She's never this affectionate", Tiffany thought to herself, "Does she know?!".

Sara continued to kiss her, pulling her long, sexy hair. She started to pull her to their bedroom, 
stripping off her shirt, followed by unbuckling her cute, Jean shorts.

"She is so sexy today! What has gotten in her?", Tiffany asked herself as Sara continued to seduce her. Typically, Sara was pretty reserved and not normally the one act sexy, which is what lead Tiffany to cheat on her with a friend she had met at the gym. 

"Are you wearing a new lip gloss? My lips are tingling", Tiffany asked, her lips feeling strange. "Hush...", Sara whispered as she playfully bit her neck, Tiffany loved that. She continued to kiss her as she took off Tiffany's shorts and top, leaving only her panties and bra on.

Sara lead Tiffany to the bed, having her sit on the corner of the bed. Sara then bent down down on her knees and started to kiss her through her panties. "Oh my gosh, what has gotten into you?! This is amazing!", Tiffany yelled out, laying back on the bed as Sara started to use her tongue.

"I'm gonna...mmmm..ahh", Tiffany moaned as she came in almost record time. She wasn't expecting any of this, which just added to how sexy the whole experience was. "Did you enjoy that baby?", Sara asked seductively. Tiffany cutely nodded. "Think you have enough energy for me?", Sara asked with a cute tease.

Tiffany smiled, it was ALWAYS her who started foreplay. "I wish she was always this sexy?!", Tiffany thought as she switched places with her girlfriend. Her lips were still tingly. They didn't hurt but just felt weird. But she didn't care, she wanted to make Sara feel the way she just did. She hated cheating on her, she was such a good girl, but she just hadn't felt the passion that she craved in months! 

Tiffany was on her knees as she started on Sara. She always loved that little "happy trail" that she trimmed. She was SO wet as Tiffany began to kiss her. She started how she normally did, with little kisses, then started with her tongue, only this time it was like she was stuck! She tried to pull away, but her lips were stuck to Sara! "Hummmhhh?!!", she tried to speak as her lips wouldn't budge. The weird tingle in her lips was really kicking up a notch. Tiffany was so scared!

"Aww...what's the matter baby? Feeling a little stuck?", Sara laughed as she spread her legs even more. "Don't worry, it's just part of the transformation. All part of the plan...", Sara giggled as Tiffany tried to get away. She looked up and met Sara's eyes, she knew that she knew. "That's right baby, I've known about your little affair for sometime now. At first I was hurt, but then I realized you just needed some more sex and passion in your life. So I figured what better way for me to give that too you, than making your entire world be all about sex", Sara moved the hair out of Tiffany's eyes

"That's right baby, you're being transformed into my pussy. From now on you'll only have to worry about when and how I'm gonna pleasure you. Won't that be perfect?", Sara asked as Tiffany tried to scream, only resulting in muffled moans.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you. I'll make sure to show you attention, especially every night before bed with my vibrator", Sara giggled as Tiffany's transformation began to really start up. She was slowly being absorbed by Sara's pussy and there was nothing she could do to stop it. It was like the more she fought, the faster she was absorbed, until she finally passed out.

"Oh yes, I'm going to love having you around!", Sara teased, awaking Tiffany. "I can feel your energy down there, it feels amazing! I'm so horny!", Sara bit her lip. Tiffany couldn't believe it, it was true! Sara was standing next to her full length mirror and Tiffany could some his see herself in the reflection. She was literally her girlfriend's vagina. "Nooo!! Turn me back! This is disgusting!", Tiffany yelled for help, but Sara only laughed at the muffled sounds she heard coming from her sex organ. 

"I think I'll wear these pink panties to visit your little girlfriend or maybe these black panties. Which will seduce her more?", Sara asked her pussy.

"Stay away from Melissa!", Tiffany yelled. "Yes, I think you're right. Black will be better", Sara told her patronizingly as she picked out her sexy black panties. 

"Don't you dare put panties on me!", Tiffany yelled. "Here we go, little one. Off to visit Melissa. The real question is what to transform her into", Sara asked as she covered up Tiffany with the panties. "I really want to punish her. Should I make her be my ass? That could be fun. Or maybe my tongue? I'm sure she'd love that when I meet my next girlfriend. Oh, I know! She's a runner right?! She'll be perfect as my foot! She'll be stuffed inside a stink show all day!", Sara told Tiffany as she put on a weird looking lip gloss. 

"Like my lip gloss? It's how I transformed you, lover. If you kiss someone while wearing it, what ever they kiss, they'll transform into. I was afraid I'd used it too early on you and you'd end up as my thigh, or something not as much fun. But I'd say the timing was perfect!", she laughed as she teased Tiffany with her finger. Tiffany was so mad and confused, but she felt amazing. "Lets go meet the girl you cheated on me with!", Sara laughed as she walked out the door with her new pussy crying the whole way out, only making herself become wet.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

K3 Bengeltjes

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting lately. A lot of you guys have messaged me asking when I was gonna post again and to you I say thanks for asking! I'll get back to it, I promise! I've honestly been just exhausted lately with balancing work, finishing my masters, family and everything else.

In the mean time, I was curious if anyone had a link to the movie "K3 Bengeltjes ". I haven't seen the movie, just the trailer, but from what I can gather, it's the story of the female vocal trio "K3" (I think each of their names starts with the letter K). The three beautiful women are famous singers and they are watching their three, sweet nieces. Only the nieces turn out to be brats terrorizing the K3 ladies!

An angel sees the nieces being brats and tells his bumbling assistant to cast a spell on the girls to teach them to be good. He misunderstands and cast the spell on the K3 ladies instead. Now anytime the K3 ladies do something bad, they experience some sort of transformation. For example, one of the K3 girls tells a little, white lie, so all of their noses grow like Pinocchio. Another time, one of the K3 girls steals a cake and eats it, so all the girls experience a weight gain TF.

I've been trying to find a copy of it somewhere, but it seems to be damn near impossible! It's from the Netherlands, so it's not available on Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go. It's not even available for purchase on Amazon or YouTube.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Here's the trailer. English subtitles are available :)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Next Story - *Update

So I was expecting to get maybe on or two responses back on my last journal entry, but I've gotten SO MANY responses back both on Deviant Art and my blog! I was truly, and pleasantly, surprised!

The only bad thing about having so many responses was how many different ideas you guys wrote. I got a mix of requests for unbirth, AR, Butt TF, Diaper Dimension, MtoF, the list kept going on! I was hoping there would be a true winner by majority, but I received so many ideas that I couldn't choose just one.

So here's my idea, I'lll incorporate a little bit of everything and my plan is for it to be a story, not just a caption (even though pics will be used). I'm still in the drafting stage, but I'll give away the working title, "Trials of the Bride-to-Be". More info on that later :)

Again, thank you guys for writing in and I hope you'll like the story! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Thanks and What Do You Guys Like?

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying your summer! Well, it's summer here in the States at least, lol.

So I'm normally not one to look at page views and whatnot, but I just realized that I'm over 200,000 views here on Deviant Art and I'm over 430,000 views on my blog! Not to mention I have around 550 followers! That is insanely cool! I thought it was the coolest thing when I reached 1,000 views a year or two ago lol!

So I just wanted to say Thank You to you guys, but letting you pick my next caption. I'll give some options and comment with your favorite idea. Sorry, I'm not a premium member or I'd just create a poll.

Feel free to comment with your favorite category and/or if you have a specific idea you can comment that as well. Again, I'll go with the highest responses. So here are the possible categories:

- Age regression to baby
- Age regression to unbirth
- Shrinking woman
- Shrinking women, then unbirth
- Adult Baby/Diaper Lover
- Planet of the Giants
- Diaper Dimension
- Inanimate Object (Absorb/Towlras Invasion - Butt, Boob, Vagina, Foot)
- Inanimate Object (Potty, Diaper, Toilet)
- Inanimate Object (Sex Toy/Vibrator, Tampon)
- Inanimate Object (Clothing, Panties, Yoga Pants, Bra, Bikini, Dress, Sock)
- Animal TF (Cat, Dog, Donkey, Horse, Cow)
- Pet Play
- Body Swap (Male to Female/Female to Male)
- Body Swap (Female to Female)
- Weight Gain/Body Swap with Bigger Person
- TG (Person wakes up and is turned into the different sex)
- TG/Pregnant

Again, this caption's for you guys, so make sure you comment your favorite idea! Thanks again for all the support through the last couple of years!! :)